etc. is a storytelling platform for visual and typographic narratives highlighting original content by/of/for original people.

Client: etc.
Services: Branding, Web


Et cetera translates to “the rest.”

Most DIY music blogs are really good at doing what they usually do: photo galleries and album reviews. There’s not a lot of “substance” so to speak, so etc. aims to provide that with each post. An element of importance is embedded into every story so the viewer is given a reason to care.

Since the focus is storytelling, all the typefaces put legibility first without sacrificing beauty. Reading stories on etc. is meant to be a frictionless and comfortable viewing experience.


Beautiful and easy to navigate, the website is designed for an optimal viewing experience.

With simplicity in mind, the viewer is provided with exactly what they need and nothing they don’t. Simply a responsive and reliable way to read stories. Visit etc. here.