Attention Book

The Attention Book is a planner, calendar, and organizational tool designed for you to optimize your time and be as efficient and productive as possible.


Write things down. Get things done.
Pay attention.

The idea behind the book spawned from having a hectic schedule back in college and needing a planner tool to keep me in check. Originally I wanted to make an app, but I realized the smartphone is not the right platform for productivity—there’s far too many distractions, and your plans and ideas are mixed up between several apps.

There’s an advantage to being able to write your thoughts down, where you need them to be, so you can quickly access them again: after you write it down, you can stop thinking about it, and not worry, because you’ll be able to come back to it when you have to. And that’s what this book provides you with.


Hyper user-oriented, this book is designed to custom fit your need and usage habits.

The Attention Book has no frill: no holidays or inspirational quotes, it’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t. There aren’t even any lines to fill in. Instead you’ll find dots, so you can use each section however you like. Write, draw, whatever you want.

Unlike any other planner

An entirely unique book and planner design.

One thing that makes the book truly unique are the custom tabbed pages that allow the user to quickly plan ahead, get an overview of a certain week or month, or reflect back through their year. Any existing planner that does contain tabs for month spreads are wire bound and bulky, but the Attention Book’s perfect-bound design allows it to be portable enough to fit in most bags (with plenty of space for writing and usability).

The design of the spreads is also unlike any other: every spread has dotted space at the bottom to place loose ideas or things to keep track of without needing to set any specific dates. Or use the space however you want. Additionally, the daily/weekly spreads contain a space to keep your intentions for the week—things you want/need to do daily or multiple times a week. This space is crucial for habit building (or breaking).

Part 2

Take notes how you want to.

Another unique aspect of the planner is the second ribbon extending through the top of the book that marks your spot in the second part of the book—the notes section. You can stay on top of your current week, while being able to quickly jot down notes and ideas for your current projects.

Once again favoring dotted pages over lined, you’re free to take notes however you like.


Expect pre-orders for the 2021 edition by fall of this year.

This project is currently in its prototype stage: I’ve made two copies of this current version, one is being used by me and the other by my brother. I intend to have versions of the Attention Book for 2021 up for pre-order or crowdfunding by fall of 2020.