Dying Wish

Dying Wish is my band. An advantage of being a designer in a band is you get to be invested in the band’s vision while making it come to life.

Client: Dying Wish
Services: Brand, Merch, Artwork, Website


The unrelenting and unforgiving sound of struggle.

Dying Wish carries on the tradition of a subculture that serves as inspiration and rallying cry for justice—equality, dignity, and self-determination are enduring themes in this music, a spirit more vital than ever.


An ode to the past.

For a band, a strong logo is essential for staying memorable. Dying Wish is a powerful blend of traditional metalcore with modern ferocity. We wanted the logo to represent us in a way that demonstrates our throwback sound and ideologies.


Artwork and merch are essential components to a band’s success.

In today’s age, music is just one part of the product for a band. Cohesive visual aesthetics and strong merchandise heavily contribute to a band’s memorability.


An engaging homepage rounds out the band’s digital presence.

Check out the website here.