A fun full branding project for Impasta, an innovative Italian-inspired kitchen based in Los Angeles, CA. The project included creating a logo, color palette, typography, a menu, and will soon feature custom packaging.

Client: Impasta
Services: Brand, Menu


Crave pasta, not carbs.

Impasta’s mission is to create delicious tasting pasta and pizza without the guilty carb intake. Using substitute noodles and cauliflower pizza crusts, Impasta (do you get the name yet?) is a modern take on traditional feel-good Italian food.

Fun and lively on the eyes and tastebuds.

The idea of substitute foods can be daunting to some people, almost to the point of being unappetizing. Using vegetables like squash or zucchini as noodles, cauliflower for gnocchi and pizza crust, and using shirataki noodles from konjac root (what even is that?) is certainly not traditional, and needs to be communicated as still delicious.

The branding is made to appear fun, so as to make the food not seem so weird and scary. The bouncing letters demonstrates that it’s different, but in a positive way. The soft rounded letters are inviting and comforting, while the colors are designed to evoke hunger.


An unusual restaurant with a straightforward menu design.

With the menu’s food being interesting as it is, the design of the menu needed to be clear and easy to understand. Starting with the pre-designed pasta bowls, moving into how to simply build a custom pasta. The build-your-own section features fun icons for each of the noodle types explaining what the noodle is made of. A box showing all pasta add-ons sits below the pasta choices. Lastly the bottom displays the two different kinds of personal pizzas (Impizzas) the restaurant offers.

Impasta is currently only available via delivery in Los Angeles through just about every food delivery app service. Because of this, the menu is designed to fit a phone screen. Soon, the kitchen will expand into a dine-in restaurant.